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The site was founded in 2007 with a view to establishing the most comprehensive human genetics resource on the web, with content provided by the life sciences research community.

We publish articles on a number of themes, including topics on imaging techniques, general gene transfer technologies and reviews on the gene therapies of specific disorders. We also showcase various companies and organisations working in the field by publishing articles on their work and distributing information and press releases regarding their research, services and products under development.

We welcome contributions from researchers and clinicians alike with a view in increase awareness in this vastly growing sector.

What is Gene Therapy?

Gene Therapy is the transfer of genetic material (gene transfer) to dysfunctional cells to correct a deficiency in the DNA or genome of a patient. Cell Therapy, such as stem cell therapy, is the transfer of normal or genetically modified cells to a diseased tissue in order to restore proper tissue function.

These approaches have been historically applied to treat genetic disorders, but they can also be used to treat diseases acquired over the lifetime of an individual, such as cancer or infection, where genes are transferred to confer a specific property to the cell allowing it to combat the disease.